On average it takes 10 years to get help for mental health problems.¹

We’re going to change that.

Find the right

Mental Health Resource

Our nonprofit created the first free mental health directory that helps people find the right resource and avoid bad ones.


Crisis Therapy Project

We also use our directory to connect people to free therapy during a national crisis or natural disaster. Our Partners help us reach out to therapists offering free individual therapy and clinics offering free group therapy.

The Problem

Everyone knows someone
with a mental health problem.

1 in 5

people will experience a mental disorder during their lifetime.¹

Most people aren’t
getting the help they need.

Only 40%

of people who say they need help will seek it.²

Not getting help
is costing too many lives.



people died by suicide in 2017. More than war & natural disasters combined.³

The Solution


Mental Health


Driven by Purpose

Our nonprofit measures success by our mission to connect people to the right help- not by how much money we make.

Most Comprehensive

We include therapists, psychologists, counselors, clinics, centers, crisis lines, advocacy, & support – all in one place.

Verification Tools

We help you make informed decisions. Use the License Verification Tool or sort by what professionals recommend most.

No Advertisements

Many directories make money by selling ads. It’s lucrative for them, but for you it can be distracting and misleading.

Free Listings

Listing for free means people can see all their options- not just ones with big marketing budgets.

Powered by Community

Licensed providers can join our community designed for collaboration and referring clients.

Meet The Team

Paul Berry, PsyD

Paul Berry, PsyD

Co-Director & Executive Director

Paul is a psychologist in private practice on Orcas Island, WA and a Crisis Responder for San Juan County. He is passionate about helping people overcome anxiety and build confidence.

Michael Fink, MBA

Michael Fink, MBA

Co-Founder & Outreach Director

Michael has extensive experience in marketing strategies for clinics and treatment centers. He is passionate about reducing stigma toward mental disorders and innovation in the mental health field.

Erika Nilson, BS

Erika Nilson, BS

Chief Operating Officer

Erika has a background in technology, management and biology. She consults with nonprofits looking to improve efficiency and is passionate about empowering providers.

What People Are Saying

“As a non-profit, Thero has the right approach in mind and is clearly working to help clinicians and communities- not to make money from them.  I am proud to have a listing and support the work Thero.org is accomplishing.”

Nicholas Stauth, LMFT

Los Angeles, California, tickwithnick.com

“Thero is useful to me as a professional looking for resources for my clients and it is invaluable to the public for easily accessing mental health resources. I am confident it will lead to better patient care.”

Laurie Appel, PsyD

Swedesboro, New Jersey, laurieappelpsyd.com

“Thero has the tools to make connections happen quickly and effectively. I’m glad this service is available at all times to make the process of finding the right support easier.”

Hunter Teets, LPC

Charlottesville, Virginia, charlottesvillecounselingcollective.com

Our Partners