On average it takes 10 years to get help for mental health problems.

Our nonprofit is going to change that.

Find the right

Mental Health Resource

We’ve crowdsourced a comprehensive mental health resource directory. We believe it should be free for therapists to find clients and easy for everyone to get the right help.


Mental Health
Job Board

Employers can post a job and search our resume bank for candidates.

Professionals can search for mental health jobs and apply with ease.

What People Are Saying

“As a non-profit, Thero has the right approach in mind and is clearly working to help clinicians and communities- not to make money from them.  I am proud to support the work they’re accomplishing.”

Nicholas Stauth, LMFT


“Thero is useful to me as a professional looking for resources for my clients and it’s invaluable to the public for easily accessing mental health resources. I know it will lead to better patient care.”

Laurie Appel, PsyD


“Thero has the right tools to make connections happen quickly and effectively. I’m glad this service is available at all times to make the process of finding the right mental health resource easier.”


Hunter Teets, LPC


Why It Matters

Mental health disorders 
affect every family.


1 in 5

people will experience a mental disorder during their lifetime.¹

Most people don’t
get the help they need.


Only 40%

of people who say they need help will seek it.²

Not getting help
is costing too many lives.




people died by suicide in 2017. More than war & natural disasters combined.³

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