Press Release

Oct 4th, 2017

Michael Fink, Outreach Director

Nonprofit adds ‘Pro Bono’ services to their National Resource Directory.’s Crisis Therapy Project is a collaborative group of organizations that is connecting mental health professionals willing to provide Pro Bono sessions to survivors of national crises, victims of natural disasters, and high risk communities. Thero, the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), the Nevada Psychological Association (NPA), and the PRACTICE at University of Nevada Las Vegas are helping to coordinate a response to the tragic Las Vegas shooting and are calling on any psychologists, therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists to offer pro bono sessions for survivors of the attack.


“We must make it easy for mental health professionals to connect with those in need,” said Paul Berry, Executive Director and Co-Founder of “The Las Vegas attack is yet another one of several national crises and natural disasters we’ve already seen this year. It can feel overwhelming and often there isn’t an easy way to organize a response. Through this program we are making it easy for local mental health professionals to connect with people affected by crises.”


The inspiration for the project came out of recent discussions with providers in Charlottesville, VA who found it difficult to mobilize a response to victims of two white supremacist rallies this past summer ending with the tragic murder of Heather Heyer and the serious injury of many local residents. “It has been a long and painful summer in my hometown of Charlottesville,” stated Hunter Teets, Licensed Professional Counselor. “Our local mental health professionals scrambled to provide services to those affected though we were hindered by difficulty getting the word out to providers and people seeking help as we all adapted to what happened. I’m glad the Affordable Therapy Project is available and know that it will be a great help to others in distress.”

Of the nonprofit’s recent focus on affordable therapy, Outreach Director and Co-Founder Michael Fink said, “This project is attempting to solve one of the big barriers to finding mental health: Affordability. People are finding it increasingly difficult to afford quality mental health professionals. We want to empower and incentivize treatment providers to keep a Pro Bono spot open in their schedule.”


Dr. Noelle Lefforge at the University of Nevada Las Vegas spoke of the Affordable Therapy Project and the ongoing collaborative effort by several organizations involved when she said “The mental health community has unified beyond expectations to answer the call to support healing through resiliency, coping, and connection.”


Thero plans to reward therapists for taking time (and money) out of their day and hopes to have additional features on their site that support therapists who offer Pro Bono sessions. The nonprofit is currently seeking partnerships with other mental health organizations to collaborate on the Affordable Therapy Project and hopes to have at least a few providers who offer Pro Bono sessions in every state by the end of the year.


About is a nonprofit community of treatment providers who are building a national mental health resource directory. Thero is a 501(c)(3), that is dedicated to making it easy to find mental health resources. The Crisis Therapy Project is one of several programs to be introduced by in 2017, headquartered in San Diego, CA.