Paul Berry, Executive Director

October 12, 2017 is an online community of treatment providers and we’re constantly improving the features and functionality. We have our own tech-oriented team, but everyone needs a little help sometimes. We recently had the pleasure of working with iWitness Design.


Our staff coordinated with iWitness Design Owner, Tanner Moushey, to get various aspects of working properly and build out features of our community. Tanner was great at strategizing and helped us prioritize our needs. Working with Tanner was a good investment. Paying for his expertise not only saved us money and time, it helped give us piece of mind.


Recently, we were coordinating therapists to offer pro bono services for victims of the Las Vegas attack and had a large influx of people signing up for our community at Needless to say this was a difficult and busy time for us. Knowing Tanner was handling the things we didn’t have the time (or expertise) to handle made all the difference during these past two weeks.


Thero thanks Tanner and his team at iWitness Design for helping us build our Community and for connecting therapists to the public. We look forward to working with them again in the future.