A Thero is someone who knows how to connect people to the right resource at the right time. Our nonprofit is on a mission to make it easy to find the right mental health resource.


Suicide kills

more people than war and natural disaster combined.

Only 40%

of people who say they need help will seek it.

10 Years

is the average time it takes for people to get help.


We built the first free and comprehensive mental health resource directory. It has over 22,000 resources and features that empower you to verify licenses and credentials.


We used the power of our directory to connect therapists who are offering free therapy to people affected by national crises or natural disasters. LEARN MORE



Paul Berry, Psy.D.

Paul Berry, Psy.D.


Paul is doctor of Clinical Psychology and Co-Founder and Executive Director for Thero.org. He has a passion for helping people overcome anxiety and improving how people find mental health resources.

Carmen Goojha, MD

Carmen Goojha, MD


Dr Goojha is on the Board of Directors for Thero.org. She is a board certified Family Medicine Physician and Acupuncturist. She trains medical doctors on how to build rapport with patients and is passionate about integrating physical and mental health services.

Erika Nilson, BS

Erika Nilson, BS


Erika is Chief Operations Officer for Thero.org. She has a background in technology, customer service, and biology. She is a Consultant focusing on efficiency and project management.

Robert Eggers, MBA

Robert Eggers, MBA


Robert is on the Board of Directors for Thero.org. He has worked for IBM as a software engineer and now does consulting work regarding SEO and web design. He is owner and managing partner for two companies and holds 10 different technology based patents.

Benjamin Bauer, MD

Benjamin Bauer, MD


Dr. Bauer is on the Board of Directors at Thero.org. He is a board certified Family Medicine Physician and has trained doctors as a Professor of Family Medicine. He is dedicated to making it easy for doctors to refer patients and for the public to find mental health services. 

Scott Gorman, JD

Scott Gorman, JD


Scott Co-Founded Thero.org and is on the Board of Directors. He has a JD from the University of California, Berkeley Law School and is an officer in the US Army Reserves. He was Co-founder and Director of a Beijing-based consultancy and is currently finishing an MBA at Oxford University.


How do I use this FAQ more section?

Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about our non-profit. Click on any of the questions to reveal the answer.

Have a question, but don’t see it on this list? Ask us a question by emailing support@thero.org and we’ll  give you an answer.

What is Thero?

Thero is a non-profit 501(c)(3) on a mission to make finding the right mental health resources easy. We do this by maintaining a comprehensive mental health resource directory.

It’s surprising, but the Thero Directory is the first to include therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinics, hospitals, treatment centers, and organizations that provide crisis intervention, advocacy and peer support – all in one place.

How are you different than other directories?
    • It’s Free, and always will be. It’s free for therapists to list their practice and for clinics to list their business in our Directory. This is important because we believe the profit incentive that exists in paid directories compromises the process of finding you the right help.It’s important that our directory is free. We’re a nonprofit with a meaningful mission, which helps us recruit a dedicated team of volunteers. Our volunteers are working hard to make the best crowdsourced mental health directory that ever existed. All of us believe the world will be a better place when we can find the right resource, for the right person, at the right time.


    • No advertising on the directory. We love ethical advertisers, but it’s already hard enough to find the right mental health service. The public shouldn’t have to wade through ads while seeking help. We believe in a distraction-free search experience. Instead, we make money through donations and our job board.


    • We’re Comprehensive. Other directories have a few types of resources. This makes people bounce around from one website to another while searching for help. We’ve built a national directory with over 22,000 resources that includes therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, clinics, hospitals, treatment centers, and organizations that provide crisis intervention, advocacy and support.

    Just a quick note: We have a lot of clinics and hospitals limited independent therapists. Qualified therapists can sign up and add your practiceup.


    • We care about quality. We provide meaningful data about mental health resources so you can find the best option for you. For example, we make it easy to verify a treatment provider’s license and we allow the public to organize search results by what the providers think of resources.


    • We’re collaborative. Most directories require providers to fight for the public’s attention. Ours helps licensed treatment providers stop worrying about scarcity and collaborate to find the clients that fit them best.


    • We’re a non-profitWe believe it should be easy for the public to find the right resource and for providers to find their ideal clients. The money you spend at Thero.org is put back into our mission to improve the process of finding help and reducing stigma.


    Where does the name Thero come from? What does it mean?

    To us a Thero is a wise caregiver who knows how to connect others to mental health. In Greek mythology Thero was a nurse to the gods. In Eastern tradition it’s a term given to wise monks.

    Why should I join Thero?

    If you’re a person or organization that provides mental health services a Thero Membership allows you to:

    – Add your private practice to the Thero Directory. We allow therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, and Medical Doctors to create their own profile.
    – Claim and manager your mental health resource listed in the Thero Directory. We are currently seeking partnerships with ethical clinics, hospitals, treatment centers, crisis Lines that offer support by phone, text message, or online chat and organizations that provide advocacy and support.
    – Search for available referrals in the Thero Directory.
    – Easily vet treatment providers so you can refer a client out with confidence.

    How do I become a member?

    The Thero.org community is for people who are licensed to provide mental health treatment or counseling. This includes therapists, psychologists, counselors, psychiatrists, and medical doctors. Collaborating in the community is free and always will be. To sign up visit thero.org/signup.