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Teaching social skills through Sketch Comedy and Improv

Kids CRAVE attention and often times, will seek it and

5 Signs That You May Be Struggling  With Anxiety

  It’s normal to feel anxious from time to time.

What No One Tells You About Therapy (But Should)

It is said we fear the unknown, which is why

How Attached to Your Problem Are You?

Control We all want it. We want to control our

Peaceful Anxiety

OK, I admit it. I am an anxious person. It

I Have a Four Letter Word  For You

F-E-A-R We all feel it. We at times are haunted

Because I Think So!

My clients are always hearing me say that although we

How To Do Self-Care Without the Guilt

When was the last time you did something just for

Just Shyness or Something More? The Difference Between Shyness and Social Anxiety

Exploring the difference between shyness and social anxiety. Includes questions to ask yourself that are common for individuals with social anxiety.

Perfection in Imperfection

The idea of what perfection is doesn’t exist, safe to say, the way you imagine perfection looks like. No one does one think perfectly all the time, every time.


Often prescribed for Major depressive disorder, Smoking Cessation Aid and is used to treat symptoms related to mood and feelings of well-being.

Increase Self-Awareness and Discovery Through Journal Writing

My journal increased my writing skill, allowed me to express myself without being interrupted (or judged), and otherwise enhanced my insight and creativity.

Prescription for a Perspective: Approaching Mental Health as Health

My prescription for the world when it comes to mental health disorders is this: think of them as illnesses like any other, naturally occurring and worthy of treatment.

Promise: A Loving Daughter’s Honest Retrospective

Here lives the father discarded, the father unwanted. He sits on his throne made of fiber-foam, watching Japanese action flicks, not waiting for the phone to ring. It won’t.

Making a Conscious Choice: Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

A successful relationship between a practitioner and their client – whether a life coach or a psychotherapist – is built and developed through rapport, trust…


Panic is a sensation of intense fear with sudden onset. Logical or rational thinking is replaced with agitation, anxiety, and physiological

Visual Hallucinations

A visual hallucination (VH) is the experiencing of a visual image in the absence of an external stimulus. VH can

Thero Worthy Interview with Brett Culp

“When we tell each other stories, we’re connecting to a deeper part of ourselves that in many ways cannot be captured by purely intellectual discussion.”

Something New Under the Sun

She removes her glasses. The first session is over and I uncross my legs and depart from the couch. We have no practiced etiquette yet, so we don’t shake hands or anything.

Thero Worthy Interview with Doctor Pozios, M.D.

As a psychiatrist, mental health advocate, and life-long comic book fan, I felt the need to take corrective action to redefine how people living with mental illnesses are represented in comics.

Superhero Therapy Revealed

All wanted to be invincible. And all believed that having PTSD somehow meant that they were weak, broken,

Why Pharrell Would Make A Good Therapist

What you may not know about Pharrell is that he has an inspiring life philosophy and strong commitment to diversity.

Investigating Binge Eating Disorder

I first entered the world of treating eating disorders as a young practicum student and I brought many preconceived notions about the nature of eating disorders with me.

The Importance of Telling Your Story

Stereotyping is a sort of mental shortcut, it allows us to spend less time conceptualizing by drawing upon past experience to inform our thinking. Often stereotyping can be helpful, but what happens when our assumptions are inaccurate?

Stand Up Comedy for Mental Health

We’ve all heard that laughter is the best medicine, but laughing can be difficult when you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with a mental disorder.

How To Notice Stigma

Exploring your own stigma can prevent you from accidentally stigmatizing and hurting someone you love. Learn how to see your own stereotypes, prejudices, and discriminations.

The Era of Cosmetic Brain Surgery

Our personality is unique to each of us, but we may soon have the power to change that. This is why it’s important to think about what is valuable about each symptom.

How to Create Happiness

Psychologist and researcher, Martin Seligman, studies happiness. He’s divided happiness into three general types: Positive emotion, Engagement, and Meaning.

How Connected Can We Be?

Pulled from the depths of her sleep and through the fog of Alzheimer’s she screamed at the top of her lungs and began to say goodbye.


Stigma has three different parts: 1) Stereotypes; 2) Prejudice; 3) Discrimination. These three parts are all related

Mental Diversity

We encourage people to understand that the world would be boring if all minds were the same and we would all