Increase Self-Awareness and Discovery Through Journal Writing

My journal increased my writing skill, allowed me to express myself without being interrupted (or judged), and otherwise enhanced my insight and creativity.

Prescription for a Perspective: Approaching Mental Health as Health

My prescription for the world when it comes to mental health disorders is this: think of them as illnesses like any other, naturally occurring and worthy of treatment.

Promise: A Loving Daughter’s Honest Retrospective

Here lives the father discarded, the father unwanted. He sits on his throne made of fiber-foam, watching Japanese action flicks, not waiting for the phone to ring. It won’t.

Making a Conscious Choice: Psychotherapy and Life Coaching

A successful relationship between a practitioner and their client – whether a life coach or a psychotherapist – is built and developed through rapport, trust…

Something New Under the Sun

She removes her glasses. The first session is over and I uncross my legs and depart from the couch. We have no practiced etiquette yet, so we don’t shake hands or anything.

Superhero Therapy Revealed

All wanted to be invincible. And all believed that having PTSD somehow meant that they were weak, broken,

How Connected Can We Be?

Pulled from the depths of her sleep and through the fog of Alzheimer’s she screamed at the top of her lungs and began to say goodbye.