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The November 7th, 2018 Attack

A mass shooting took place in Thousand Oaks, CA at the Borderline Bar and Grill. Thirteen people were killed, twelve people were injured.


We are reaching out to licensed therapists to offer free therapy sessions near Thousand Oaks, CA.

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Offer Free Therapy

1) Sign Up for the Project

Therapist can signup at to offer free individual sessions. We verify your license and review your experience in trauma, crisis, or grief and loss.

2) Add your listing to the Thero Directory

Once your license and experience is verified you can add your listing to the Thero Directory.

3) Mark your listing as free for Crisis Therapy

When filling out the details on your listing there is a “Crisis Therapy Project” section where you can list yourself as offering free therapy for the crisis in your area. This will make your listing visible to people searching for free crisis therapy in your area.

4) Remove the free option when the spot is filled.

Once the free spot in your schedule is filled by a client you can remove the Crisis Therapy option on your listing to stop being shown on the Crisis Therapy search results.