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    Crisis Hotline/Listening Line
    Notes: Hotline/Listening line coverage may vary depending on the availability of volunteers within a 24 hour period.
    You don’t have to be suicidal to call a Samaritan volunteer. Sometimes you just need someone to listen.
    All calls are free and confidential within the agency.
    Anticipated benefits for our callers
    Callers will have access to free, universal support, without regard to their physical/behavioral health or ability to pay.
    New callers will have access to a lifetime of support with the option of becoming daily supported callers.
    Callers will have crisis and regular support when professional and/or family support is not available.
    Non-judgmental befriending program practices will not interfere with medical or behavioral health case- management plans.
    Befriending will provide respite to family members/care givers of the chronically emotionally or physically ill.
    Samaritans will monitor caller referral to professional medical/behavioral health services to demonstrate and advocate the need for greater medical/mental health services.
    Upon request, Rhode Islanders in need or those seeking to help others will have access to our list of RI licensed medical/mental health facility services via telephone referral or web site referral.

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