We’re going to make it easy to find the right mental health resource.

Thero is working on multiple improvements to our public mental health directory and therapist community. Imagine a directory that can order search results by who the professionals refer to most. We accomplished it. Imagine being able to verify your provider has a valid license with no marks against them- with only one click. We’re working on it.


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Why Should I Care?

You can help therapists offer free therapy for recent tragedies.

Grant money will go to the Crisis Therapy Project. During a national crisis or natural disaster we connect licensed therapists to people affected by school shootings, hurricanes, and other tragedies.

Thero and our collaborators have been able to quickly organize a response for the Las Vegas and Parkland attacks. Your donation empowers others in times of crisis.



1 in 5 adults

will experience a mental disorder.

Only 40%

of people who say they need help will seek it.

7 - 10 Years

is the average times it takes to get help.


Suicide Rate

has outpaced death by war & natural disasters combined.