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    The SRP Group is held Mondays 6:00 – 6:50pm. This group aims to help members understand that emotional intensity can be harnessed, misunderstandings can be worked through, the threshold for being stirred up can be lowered, and the time it takes to get back to your normal state can be reduced.

    Using Mentalization-based group activities, members will be asked to imagine what’s going on in the minds of others to better understand how each of us makes meaning of our own and other peoples’ actions, and how easily misunderstandings can occur. Group members will work together to explore one anothers’ triggers and the ways that early life experiences have shaped our expectations in current relationships. When members are triggered in the group, DBT-based activities will help build newer, more e

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    Call (424) 371-5191 or email to request a free 20 minute telephone intake interview. A member of our treatment team will explain the program and ask about your personal history to determine if the SRP is right for you.

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    Drop-in Welcome: No
    Special Requirements Description:

    Each member must also be engaged in individual treatment either at WILA or with an outside therapist. Participants are asked to make an initial 12-week commitment to the group. This commitment, and the ability to predict who will be in attendance each week, is what creates a safe environment to share and form a deeply connected community of support.

    Cost Per Session: $25
    Cost Details: Participants must pay for the entire 12 week group experience. Cost can be assessed on a sliding scale. Payment plans can be arranged based on financial need.
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    Languages Spoken: English