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    When we experience trauma, our sense of self and the way we perceive the world around us becomes hijacked. Many women who have faced traumatic events feel a need to “keep the secret,” thus compounding their pain with isolation, dissociation, hypervigilance, and shame. Survivors of trauma can even feel that they themselves are “bad” and not deserving of a happy, healthy life.


    Sharing a traumatic experience with others can restore a sense of connectedness, meaning, and understanding. The goal of group psychotherapy is to provide this kind of corrective emotional experience in which the dynamics of self-blaming, silencing, and disbelief of the victim are shared and then worked through.


    Group discussion will arise organically, but some of the following topics will likely be addressed:

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    Call (424) 371-5191 to inquire about VOW. Our group therapists will call you to discuss the group and to setup a free 50-minute assessment session.

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    Topics Covered:
    • Gender Identity
    • Stigma
    • Shame & Guilt
    • Trauma
    • Women’s Issues
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    Drop-in Welcome: No
    Special Requirements Description:

    Participants must commit to attending group in 10-week intervals and must also be engaged in individual treatment at WILA or with an outside therapist.

    Cost Per Session: $25
    Cost Details: The cost of the group is $25 per session, or $250 for ten weeks; however fees will be assessed individually for each group member. Participants must commit to and pay for the entire 10 week group experience whether or not they are able to attend all 10
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    Languages Spoken: English