• About Me

    “Your growth is not the abandonment of others.”
    I am a California State Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist (MFC101500) I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, and am in pursuit of my PhD in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Depth Psychology.. We need people who are going to reopen our wounds. That’s the only way we heal them. We can’t heal by avoiding. We heal by going through, by reopening, by learning, by feeling the pain and transforming it with the people who will stand by us as we do You don’t have to be hopeful about the future. It’s enough just to be curious about what is coming.

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  • Overview
    Degree: MA
    Currently Accepting Clients: Yes
    • Addiction
    • Adolescents
    • Adult Men
    • Anger Issues
    • Anxiety
    • Grief and Loss
    • Men’s Issues
    • Sexual Dysfunction
    Approaches to Therapy:
    • Eclectic
    • Family Systems
    • Psychodynamic
    • Psychoanalytic
    • Trauma-Focused
    Services Offered:
    • Couples Therapy
    • Crisis Intervention
    • Family Therapy
    • Group Therapy
    • Talk Therapy
    Ages Accepted:
    • Children
    • Adolescents
    • Young adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors
    Languages: English
    Clinic Setting: Individual Private Practice
    Teletherapy Available: No
  • License & Certification
    Licensed by State: Yes
    Category: Therapists
    State Licensing Board: CA
    License #: MFC101500
    License Type: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - LMFT
  • Experience
    Extended Biography :

    Therapy isn’t a procedure performed upon one person by another. It’s a dialogue between personal universes, & it transforms both. The genesis of our work is with addressing the symptoms of trauma. Yes, those experiences of too much too soon or too little for too long “count” as trauma & became your inner voice. Critical rather than curious about your Self.
    Due to different circumstances beyond your control (childhood) or consciousness, you may have forgotten your Self and that you matter. But if you, and/or those close to you choose to team up with me in being curious rather than critical of your reactiiona, then you can all learn how to be attracted to what’s healthy, and I can be the last Therapist you see,™️

    Role In Relation to Clients/Patients:

    I have extensive experience in successfully treating the development of ineffective personality structures (who we have understood ourselves to be due to trauma) by addressing the inaccurate self-loathing beliefs which misinforms that personality structure throughout our entire lives.

    I work initially addresses presenting symptoms of trauma (such as infidelity, substance abuse, challenged relationships, and an inability to consistently manage emotional reactions). Then I target the self-sabotaging behaviors & unconscious motivations most of us have ignored, suppressed or denied.

    Finally, utilizing the established relationship with his clients, he helps those who display instability in self-image and heightened or "displaced" emotional reactions and difficulty in impulse control.

    While he enjoys working with a myriad of different populations, it is in the clinical support for men (all ages) who have long histories of rage (internal & external), substance abuse and/or social anxieties who find themselves seeking Tim's counsel most consistently.
    The focus on the deeper work within our Selves and his liberal ability to be flexible with the schedules of high profile artists, their children & executives working in the television and film industry have established Tim as a trustworthy and effective psychotherapist.

    Gender: Man
    Race & Ethnicity:
    • African American
    • Biracial
    • Black
    • Latino
    • Multiracial
  • My Office
    ADA Accessible: Yes
    Near Public Transportation?: Yes
    Closest Bus/Train Stop:

    Ventura Blvd and 101 freeway

  • Payment
    Currently Accepting Health Insurance?: Not Accepted
    Low Cost Options: Sliding Scale
  • Crisis Therapy Project
    Pro Bono Sessions Available for: Experiences of Racism
    Description of Pro Bono Service Services:

    I have limited Sliding Scale fee time slots. Any slot available would be before 5pm M-F only.