• About Me

    Change is guaranteed. Sometimes we choose it and sometimes it is simply the result of living in this world. I provide support to help you move through it. Maybe you have just experienced a loss or some kind of trauma…..Maybe it happened before and for some reason you are ready to talk about it now…..Maybe you aren’t clear about why are you looking for someone at this time but life is nudging you to do something. I specialize in meeting you in that place. I am currently accepting clients on Orcas – on Mondays.

    I can help you move into the life you envision…even if it isn’t clear right now.

    It takes courage to be here now. It can be difficult to seek help if you are used to being the one to help others. You are choosing to be supported while co-creating the life you wish to live.

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  • Overview
    Degree: MA
    Currently Accepting Clients: Yes
    • Marital Discord
    • Stress
    • Trauma
    Approaches to Therapy:
    • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
    • Humanistic
    • Psychodynamic
    • Trauma-Focused
    Services Offered:
    • Couples Therapy
    • Individual Therapy
    Ages Accepted:
    • Young adults
    • Adults
    • Seniors
    Languages: English
    Clinic Setting: Individual Private Practice
    Teletherapy Available: Yes
  • License & Certification
    Licensed by State: Yes
    Category: Counselors
    State Licensing Board: WA
    License #: LH60497642
    License Type: Licensed Mental Health Counselor - LMHC
  • Experience
    Extended Biography :

    I worked within a corporate setting for a number of years. If you are experiencing some challenges within your work environment and would like to talk through situations, I will be able to provide relevant and accessible coaching and support.

    I believe that spirituality can be helpful when integrated into the therapeutic process. I work with individuals with a variety of belief systems and am open with how you might or might not wish to incorporate that into our counseling sessions.

    Here's a summary of how I got to this place:

    ~ obtained my undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology
    ~ decided to apply my knowledge inside of corporations
    ~ spent over 20 years working at all levels helping managers manage better, leaders lead better, creating systems inside of organizations that supported them in achieving their goals, working with executives to help them achieve that vision.
    ~ reached a level of external success I always wanted and found myself working where we no longer had shared value.s
    ~ struggled to make it continue to fit because that was more comfortable than having the courage to leave
    ~left my job and jumped into the scary space of the unknown
    ~ became quite ill and went through my own "dark night of the soul".
    ~ I faced the possibility of death and found peace in the fact that I had taken a giant step into faith
    ~ emerged with a new commitment to living a life more in alignment with God's purpose
    ~ wrote a fiction book
    ~ wrote some poetry
    ~ decided to do what I always wanted to do ......spend time with people like you!

    Gender: Woman
    Race & Ethnicity:
    • African American
    • Black
  • My Office
    ADA Accessible: No
    Near Public Transportation?: No
  • Payment
    Currently Accepting Health Insurance?: Aetna
    Low Cost Options: Sliding Scale