Suicide kills

more people than war and natural disaster combined.

Only 40%

of people who say they need help will seek it.

7 - 10 Years

is the average time it takes for people to get help.

You've Been Invited

to help create something beautiful.

Imagine a Mental Health App

that instantly connects the right person
to the right resource,
at the right time.

We're Building It

Step 1

Build the first comprehensive
mental health directory.

Step 2

Create a professional rating system
powered by a community of providers.

Step 3

Make a public ratings system based
on preference, satisfaction & efficacy.

Step 4

Integrate video therapy to
connect consumers & providers.

Step 5

Create an Algorithm
that recommends resources.

Right person, right resource, right time.

Sponsorship Packages

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do you select the Thero sponsors?

We’re seeking sponsors who have a commitment to mental health and recognize the importance of connecting people to therapy. We accept sponsorships from companies who share our values of connection, diversity and wisdom.

What are the benefits for sponsors?

Build good will for your company. Sponsoring our cause helps mental health professionals and mental health consumers to recognize you as a leader in the mental health community. We recognize our sponsors by featuring them on various parts of our website, making announcements to our users, and promoting the sponsorship on Thero media.



What's Thero's plan for sustainability?

While we ask for donations and receive sponsorships, we have a plan for sustainability. Thero has developed services for treatment providers in our private online community. When providers in the community pay for business listings, event listings or job posts they help us cover our operating costs and fund our outreach and stigma projects. Based on our projections we should be able to sustain our operating costs by mid 2019. At that point all donations will be put toward outreach and stigma reduction projects.