Resource Team

We built a directory that makes connecting to mental health resources easy and we need your help to keep it updated.

How it Works

Each volunteer “adopts” a zip code and keeps the resources in that area updated. Think of it like Wikipedia, but for mental health.

Our Team Leader will train you and check in each week to help you edit.

How to use this FAQ

Click on any of the questions below to see answers.

Why does it take 10 years to get help for mental health problems?

Research says the top 3 reasons for not getting help are stigma, cost and not knowing how to find it. Stigma and cost are complicated problems to solve. Providing reliable and trustworthy information isn’t. When people search for help online they’re bounced around to different websites and it’s difficult to verify the quality of each resource.

That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive directory that has many types of resources in it and are making it easy to find the right match for each person. Click here to learn more about how we’re different than other directories.

How does updating directory listings help save lives?

We believe it’s hard to find the right mental health resource and that this is contributing to the high suicide rate in America.

We admit that editing resources in a directory isn’t always exciting, but we believe connecting someone who needs help to a resource is worth a little boredom. We’ve had people write thank you letters for helping them find a resource and others who have said, “just the fact a nonprofit like Thero exists gives them hope.”

Can 2 hours per week really make a difference?

Absolutely. Our volunteers donate 2 hours of their time per week. We’re not exaggerating when we say your efforts are giving people hope and helping save lives.

Can I work from home on my computer?

Yes. Our volunteers work independently on their own schedule and communicate through online chats.

Do I need to be good with computers?

No. If you were able to get to this far in this FAQ you can help a lot. You just need to know how to fill out forms online or be polite on the phone. 

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